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How to do health checks for Azure functions and Web Apps.

With Azure Monitor and IaaS via C#.

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Azure Monitor health checks with infrastructure.

Short introduction — Pulumi for developers
  1. Install Pulumi from
  2. Run in the CMD az login command to get an auth token for a subscription.
  3. Run pulumi login (you will be prompted to register a new account)
  4. Run pulumi new azure-csharp to create the new C# app for your infrastructure.
  5. You can open this project both in VS Code or Visual Studio 2019, I prefer the latter for better IntelliSense support :).
Pulumi project structure.
Basic infrastructure code via C#
Preview of resources that will be deployed.
Deployment results.
Azure availability Alert.
Internal exception during deployment
Mention of exact error during infrastructure deployment.
Successful update of Alert configuration.

Azure Functions host health monitor.

"healthMonitor": {
"enabled": true,
"healthCheckInterval": "00:05:00",
"healthCheckWindow": "00:10:00",
"healthCheckThreshold": 6,
"counterThreshold": 0.80

Azure Web Apps health monitoring.

Sample of basic health check configuration.
Sample with an underlying service error.

The summary.



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