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How to pass the Microsoft Identity & Access Administration Exam Certification - SC-300

Prepare for tough encounters in this “Triangle strategy”!

This was definetely one of the most challenging exams I took in recent times. Second only to AZ-500 really.

The exam focuses on 4 modules:

1. Implement an identity management solution

2. Implement an Authentication and Access Management Solution

3. Implement Access Management for Apps

4. Plan and Implement and Identity Governance Strategy

A lot of content!

But it’s possible to pass it by leveraging great, and free resources. Here are the ones I recommend:

  1. Official SC-300 training from Microsoft Learn: Browse all — Learn | Microsoft Docs
  2. Free Lab instructions: SC-300-Identity-and-Access-Administrator (
  3. John Savill study cram for that final stretch! SC-300 Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator Study Cram — YouTube
  4. Had some insights from this podcast episode too: Microsoft Security Insights: 093: SC-300 Exam Guide with Dwayne Natwick

You can pass with them alone, guarantee, but pay attention to these topics, I needed to take my time with them:

  • PIM management, understand Active vs Eligible access and implementation nuances.
  • Understand Conditional Access, really well — special attention to the Microsoft learn content on this, as it includes great info.
  • Application protection policies — do you know how does Cloud App security work with AAD?
  • Hybrid identity and AD connect implementation!!
  • Roles and Access management.

Well, that’s it for now, HTH! Celebrate when you pass!

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