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We’re doing our best to make MicroStock+ as easy to learn and convenient to use as possible. We know that nothing should distract you from your important and creative work.
But if you still have some questions, we’re always here to help. We’ve even went a little further and prepared a list of answers for the most frequent questions so you can always have them at hand.

What is MicroStock+ and how it’s different from StockSubmitter?

MicroStock+ (or M+) is a cloud service capable of doing the same things as StockSubmitter, but it is much more stable and fast thanks to our powerful servers. You don’t need to install it, it works on any OS and on any device, including tablets and smartphones. The uploading & submission process is performed by our servers and it doesn’t require you to participate or keep your device on. It doesn’t matter if your internet is slow. Once the files are uploaded to the M+ storage, all work will be done by our servers, which saves a lot of your time and energy.

What about StockSubmitter?

We will keep supporting the Windows version of StockSubmitter. The main reason for creating M+ was to provide our Mac users a better alternative to the StockSubmitter Mac OS X version. We’ve also decided to use this opportunity to make the new service more portable and versatile.

Is M+ a paid service?

At the moment, M+ is in open beta. Its basic functions consume StockSubmitter subscription, but all the M+ unique features are completely free.

How is M+ different from other content management web services?

  • Our service is using the same polished and well-tested uploading and submitting algorithms used in StockSubmitter that consider all of the microstock agencies specifics. In addition we’ve further improved them to provide full hassle-free automation.
  • Thanks to long-term experience, we’re the most advanced developers in this area and always first to offer new services and features to meet the stock contributors needs.
  • M+ is able to work together with StockSubmitter. You can prepare and tag content with StockSubmitter then start the uploading process via cloud service. Once SS gets the files uploaded to M+, further uploading and submitting process will be performed by our servers.
  • We’re offering our famous high-quality 7 days a week support over many convenient channels of communication like Telegram, e-mail, forums, Facebook and Twitter. If you meet any issue please let us know by writing about it in a report or contact us (you can find the links at the end of the article). You can also send us suggestions on further improving the service.
  • We keep your passwords safe using an advanced and well-thought security architecture. They never appear in the interface, are sent to the server via https protocol and kept in a special secure storage unreachable even for M+ itself. Thus, your passwords cannot be stolen from the server. Even if someone would gain an access to your M+ account (steal your password from another source, etc.) they won’t be able to get your microstock websites logins and passwords.

What microstock agencies does M+ work with?

M+ works with all the agencies available in StockSubmitter except CreativeMarket.

Can I start using M+ now?

Of course! We will be very happy if you do. Notice though that our service is currently in beta testing stage so it’s open for StockSubmitter users only.

How do I gain M+ access? Do I need a new account?

No extra account required. Just go to, enter your StockSubmitter registration email and press the button to gain access (please don’t mind the page design — it’s a temporary page for the beta).

It didn’t work! What can I do?

During beta we’re sometimes limiting the new users registration in the system. Please, try again later.

You said M+ can be used together with StockSubmitter. How can I do that?

You need to go to “Site settings” in StockSubmitter, choose Microstock.Plus (on the left pane, in the agencies list), specify any settings you want and click “enable”. To upload files via M+, just select it along with the agencies you want your files to be uploaded and submitted to. Once you click the “Upload selected” button, StockSubmitter will ask you if you want to delegate the submission process to M+ as well. Please note that it’s currently impossible to revert to submitting with StockSubmitter if you’ve clicked Yes in that dialog.

Can I just upload my files from StockSubmitter to M+ without submitting them?

We’re planning to implement that a bit later. For now you can upload directly to M+ using its web uploader or FTP. M+ will recognize all the metadata and statuses saved in StockSubmitter.

How do I know that everything got synchronized with M+ and I can close the program?

Once synchronization is started, you’ll see a notification panel informing you that it is in progress. Once it disappears, you can close the window. Uploading and submission status will be synchronized back from M+ in the background. It doesn’t require your attention and you can close the program at any moment safely. The process will resume once you restart the program. The same goes for releases.

Do I need to upload a JPEG preview along with video files on M+?

If you upload a JPEG preview, M+ will take the metadata information from it.
But it’s not necessary — the program will automatically generate a preview with empty metadata if you don’t upload it.

What is the maximum storage capacity available to me on M+?

At the moment, there is a storage limit of 200 Gb for every user. We’re planning to add an option to purchase more storage at a small fee soon.

Is it better to upload with FTP or web uploader?

It is up to your choice. M+ works great with both.

Is it possible to restore content removed from the service?

Currently, all deleted files are getting moved to archive. Their metadata and previews are kept forever and you can always review them. If they’ve been uploaded to the agencies websites already (except for vector files on Dreamstime), then the service will submit them even after removal from M+.

Does M+ provide any automatic keywording tools?

At the moment there are two ways of tagging your content: you can either do that manually or with one of the popular semi-automatic services. There are three to choose: StockKeyword, Papastocker and IMStocker. In the future we’re planning to add an extremely effective option to delegate the keywording process to our professional keyworders at attractive prices.

Can I transfer metadata from one file to another?

Yes, you can copy and paste metadata between files (or groups of them) both in the metadata editor and directly from the “My Files” page. Please note that these features don’t work in the Archive section.

When pasting, you’ll see an additional menu where you can choose which fields you want to fill from the previously copied metadata. Please keep in mind that replacing metadata via the “My Files” page paste button CANNOT be undone.

Does M+ know which files were previously uploaded and submitted with StockSubmitter?

M+ reads all the data saved by StockSubmitter. When you upload a file which was previously processed with StockSubmitter, you’ll see all its metadata and submission statuses in M+.

How to know what status does a file have: is everything filled correctly, was the file uploaded and/or submitted, etc.? How do I start uploading it to the agencies?

You can see the detailed information on any file status by selecting it and opening the “Upload / Submit” tab. You can also launch the uploading from there by selecting some agencies and clicking the Upload button or change statuses by clicking on them and selecting new ones.

How to prevent M+ from submitting a file?

You can change the status of the file to “submitted” for the agencies you don’t want M+ to submit it to.

How do I change a file status for ALL agencies in M+?

Select a file (or multiple). Several icons will appear next to the selected files counter. Click on the smiley icon and you’ll see a menu where you can change the file status for all agencies at once.

How do I change a file status for a SINGLE agency in M+?

Select a file (or multiple), then open the “Upload / Submit” tab. Click on the status you want to change and select a new status from the list.

Can I use StockSubmitter to submit files that were uploaded to M+?

Make sure you do NOT agree to delegate the submission process to M+ when you upload files from SS. In this case StockSubmitter will submit your files as if they were uploaded by SS itself.

If you’ve already agreed to delegate it to M+ though, you won’t be able to revert to SS submission, but we’re planning to add such an option.

Can M+ keep my folder structure when I’m uploading files to it?

Yes, if you upload files along with the folder structure by FTP.

If I leave the M+ web uploader before an operation is complete, will it be canceled?

Yes, uploading of all files that weren’t uploaded yet will be canceled. However, you can open M+ in another tab (quickest way to do so is Ctrl+clicking the M+ logo in the top left corner) and do something else while your files are being uploaded. It won’t affect the uploading process.

How do I know if any releases are attached to my files? How do I know the content type?

There will be a “1R/2R/3R/etc.” icon in the top right corner of thumbnails of any files that have releases attached. The number corresponds to the number of releases attached. There is also an icon displaying the content type (MOV/EPS). Raster illustrations and photos do not have any type icon.

How do I specify the batch name for iStock and Dissolve in M+?

Select the files you want to put into a single batch then click on the stack icon next to the selected files counter. You can also pre-assign a batch to files you tag in StockSubmitter by selecting them and choosing the “Assign a batch name” from the context menu.

I see colored stripes under my content thumbnails. What do the colors mean?

They allow you to get a quick grasp over your files status for all of the agencies you’re using.

  • Dark green color means that the file has been submitted to an agency.
  • Green color means it’s been uploaded to the agency server.
  • Yellow color means it’s ready to be uploaded.
  • Orange color means it isn’t ready because the agency requirements haven’t been met. To see the exact reasons for that you can select this file and open the “Upload / Submit” tab.

The stripe is divided into as many sectors as there are active agencies — the more agencies you work with the smaller the individual sectors will be. Sectors with the same color get merged.

I already successfully submitted files with M+ but microstock website says that the files are still being processed. What’s going on?

Sometimes the agencies servers need some time to process the submitted content. Don’t worry, they’ll be fine. If the files got stuck in this state for a week though, you can try contacting the agency support to ask what happened with them.

An agency website sent me an email asking to confirm my location. I don’t recognize the location specified! What’s the matter?

Generally, our servers aren’t located in your country. So 123rf and Envato agencies (GraphicRiver, VideoHive, AudioJungle, etc.) sometimes get overly suspicious when M+ attempts to log in since the location seems unusual for them. This behavior is normal for them and there’s nothing to worry about. Simply confirm the data. Please note that for 123rf you must first press a confirmation button in the email and then click the OK button in M+ interface, otherwise our servers will wait 6 hours before the next attempt.

How can I follow M+ news?

Here, on Medium, we have Sunday reports to tell you about all the updates we had that week. It may include important announcements and special offers too, so keep in touch.

If you don’t want to wait untill Sunday, join our group in Telegram messenger. Feel free to share your impression on M+ and discuss it with the others. We’re doing our best to keep a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in our channel and keep it on topic :)

I still have questions!

As we mentioned already, we provide a high-quality support 7 days a week and are always open to any suggestions. If you notice any issue or a bug, if you have a question or suggestion on how M+ can be improved further — don’t hesitate to let us know by sending an email or contacting us using any of those convenient ways:

Or you can simply leave a comment right here :)

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