Good news everyone!

It’s Sunday, which means we’re here to bring you weekly Microstock+ news!
We’ve prepared something very interesting, a completely new feature that has no equivalent in StockSubmitter. Soon we’re planning to open a beta access to the Analytics and Trend Prediction system for all types of content on many agencies.

The quantity of customers and contributors on Shutterstock rapidly increases every year. The market is soaring and developing, but most authors royalties only grow by 15–20% per year. Most of the revenue increase goes to professional studios. And, according to the Shutterstock 2018 report, we’re expecting competition to raise further. However, this is a natural process that characterizes a stable demand for licensed content.

We would like to see our users happy and successful in their exciting and creative field of work. This is why we’re currently working on Analytics features that will allow anyone to gain a large companies experience and knowledge without spending several years to study the market. At this point we’re only announcing the service, but as soon as any news will be available, we will definitely share them with you in one of our Sunday reports, so stay tuned ;)

Back to the updates then, because there are plenty of small yet very important improvements this week.

  • Earnings balance
    We’ve been thinking of the best way of displaying the unpaid earnings and finally came with a solution that we consider the most convenient: to show your total income only (you can see it in the top left corner). But don’t worry, checking the detailed per-agency earnings information is just as easy: simply mouse over the total value and you’ll see a drop down menu with the full information.
  • Brand style
    MicroStock+ has got a logo! We wanted it to be bright and recognizable, so any user would understand that he’s on the right website. Even if you keep lots of tabs open, you can easily find concise but memorable M+ icon.
  • Updated English translation
    We appreciate our English speaking users and do our best to provide you with most accurate and well-articulated translation. But if you notice a mistake, please let us know!
  • Increased service capacity
    More and more users are starting to use the service every day! Anticipating your needs, we did some preparations so that more users can upload their files simultaneously without interfering with each other.

How’s it going? Already waiting for the Analytics section? Share your impressions in the comments or our Telegram channel!