Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Christmas Eve is the most joyful time of a year. It unites all people in a single wish to share kindness and happiness. We hope that each of you could find a free time in the schedule and spend some time with family and friends.
However, despite the Christmas atmosphere in our team, we continue working on our service. We’re glad to present a traditional Sunday Microstock+ report.

  • Enhanced folders manipulation.
    Let’s be honest, working with folders wasn’t very convenient, but we’ve fixed it. From now on if you want to create a folder inside of the root one («My Files») you can simply hover your mouse over this folder and click the «+» button that will appear. The same way you can create a subfolder inside of any folder.
  • Moving files between folders.
    With a new way of creating folders, we’ve added a way to move files between them. Simply select the files you want to move, point the mouse at the target folder, and click on the move button that will appear.
  • Searching releases by name.
    You’ve lost a release but remember its name (or a word of it)? You can use the search by name now. Simply type whatever you remember in the textbox and click the Filter button.
  • Button tooltips.
    Our service is improving very quickly and we’re proud of this fact. However, we understand that new features can be confusing, so we’ve added tooltips to check easily what does this or that button do.
  • Social networks log in
    We’ve already implemented the autorization via Facebook and now we’ve added Google, VK and Yandex to this list.
  • Sorting content by status.
    Another useful sorting mode to provide full control over your files status.
  • File uploader progress visualization improvements.
    Interface must be informative. We’ve made the file uploader displaying the individual files upload progress too as you requested.

Year 2019 is about to begin and we’ve decided to not wish you something that you had already heard a thousand times. We’ll rather promise to be here for you almost 24/7 to help with any issues that could arise. Thank you for staying with us!