The Analytics and Trend Prediction sections are at hand!

We’re glad to share that we’ve finished most of preparations for the Analytics and Trend Prediction sections release. During the next two weeks we’re going to polish its usability, interface design and appearance. After a short but intense testing period each concerned M+ user will be able to get an access to beta for a very modest fee.
At the moment, we devote almost all our resources and time to work on the Analytics and Trend Prediction sections preparation. We could have shown off a huge list of things done like usually, but we prefer matching our words with deeds. We’ll show you a finished product and you’ll see for yourself that it was worth waiting for.

But despite the busy schedule we still have something to cheer you up with!

  • Basic operations optimization
    Admit that you hate waiting for a folder to completely load or for the system to put up the selected files in the queue for uploading. We have thoroughly revised those operations to execute up to 20 times faster than before (depending on the amount of files).
  • File information improvements
    We’ve added a small delay before the file information block appears, so it won’t mess with selection or viewing the next row of images anymore.

That’s all for this week. It’s not that much, but we find these updates being quite useful. Tell us what do you expect from the upcoming Analytics and Trend Prediction sections? Share your vision in the comments below or on our Telegram channel!