We’re bursting into 2019!

А first half of January always slip out, does it? We lost a track of time too! It must be a special Christmas magic. Despite skipping the previous week report, we didn’t stop supporting our users and assisting them with any emerging issues and questions. We’re receiving more and more feedback for MicroStock+ service and very happy about that! We’re preparing a FAQ and a User’s guide to make sure that everyone can use MicroStock+ without any difficulties.

This week we have already added some very important features and now we’re sharing it with you in our Sunday report.

  • Copying and pasting metadata
    One of the most frequent requests was to add the opportunity to copy and paste metadata from one file to another. We’re very glad to say that this feature is finally there. You can copy and paste metadata between files (or groups of them) both from the metadata editor and directly in the “My Files” section. Please note that this features doesn’t work in the Archive section.
    When pasting, you’ll see an additional menu where you can choose which fields you want to paste. Please keep in mind that replacing metadata via “My files” page Paste button CANNOT be undone.
  • Metadata editor can now opened with a double click
    We strive for intuitive interface. Nothing is more annoying than basic repetitive actions requiring a lot of time and effort. From now on you can open the metadata editor for a file simply by double clicking it.
  • Closing metadata editor conveniently
    We’ve simplified this operation as well. To close the editor panel you can just click on an empty space to the left.
  • YouTube support
    Advertisement is an engine of a progress. We are glad to announce that MicroStock+ now supports YouTube.
  • Agencies deactivation
    If for any reason you need to deactivate an agency, there is now an option to do so. It’s easy to spot once you open the agency settings.
  • Searching the content database
    Previously, we’ve already launched a search function in the releases panel. We’ve added a similar feature for your content too. You can search by titles, descriptions, keywords and categories.

We hope you’ll enjoy our improvements. Please, tell us how did you like it! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Feedback is always important to us!