We’ve launched the open Beta!


We’re happy to announce that the Beta version of our new microstock content management web service is open for everyone!

What is the purpose of this service and how is it different from StockSubmitter?

  • The whole uploading and submission process is performed by our servers, so you can just tell the service to upload content and turn off the computer — Microstock.Plus will execute all of the necessary operations to get your content successfully reviewed without using your internet bandwidth or requiring your attention.
  • You can tag your content everywhere — on your phone, tablet, MacBook or a computer running any OS; all you need to do is open your favorite browser and visit the service website.

What are the advantages of Microstock.Plus compared to other web-based content management services?

  • Our service is using the same polished and well-tested uploading and submitting algorithms used in StockSubmitter that consider all of the microstock agencies specifics. In addition we’ve further improved them to provide full hassle-free automation.
  • Our long-term experience allows us to be the most advanced developers in the area and always offer new features and services to meet the microstock contributors needs ahead of the competition.
  • Most of the agencies available in StockSubmitter are supported by Microstock.Plus as well (except two mentioned below).
  • The service can be used together with StockSubmitter providing full integration: you can prepare and tag content in StockSubmitter, then launch the uploading and submitting process via Microstock.Plus with a single click — this way the content will be uploaded to our servers once and then the service will take care of it.
  • We’re offering our famous high-quality 7 days a week support over many convenient channels of communication like Telegram, e-mail, forums, Facebook and Twitter.

What are the Beta limitations?

There are still a couple of limitations: we hurried to share the service with you as soon as possible so many features will be implemented after opening the Beta. But it won’t be a long wait: all of the users who took part in the closed Beta already noticed how fast we’re at launching new features and improving the existing ones :)

Here is the list of the limitations the Beta has at this point:

  • Templates and buffer functionality is turned off at the moment.
  • Pricing configuration is not available in the M+ interface (but the pricing information in the content tagged in StockSubmitter will be recognized and used by M+ correctly).
  • The Beta is available only for StockSubmitter users that have (or ever had before) a paid subscription (temporary limitation of the Beta).
  • CreativeMarket and YouTube are not available.
  • Some sections of the website are turned off (namely, analytics and unpaid earnings).
  • There is a 200 Gb storage limit per user.
  • Computational and network resources of the service are limited at this phase of the Beta so sometimes there can be queues for the content upload; we’ll extend them soon to let all of the users to never experience any delays.

What pricing Microstock.Plus will have?

We didn’t reach a conclusion on this matter yet. The service is working for free at this point but is using the StockSubmitter subscription.

We’re considering the possibility of keeping the service free while allowing to purchase additional options convenient for studios and professional contributors.

How can I access the Beta?

Just visit the https://microstock.plus/beta page, enter your registration e-mail in StockSubmitter and click the button to get the access (please disregard the interface of the page — it’s just a temporary way of getting the access).

Please note that we can sometimes pause inviting new users into the system to keep our famous level of support quality for all the StockSubmitter and Microstock.Plus users. If you get a corresponding error message — please just try again little bit later. :)

Where can I report the problems and ask questions?

  • Telegram group to discuss and receive support for the beta:Телеграм-канал обсуждения и поддержки бета-версии: https://t.me/MicrostockPlusBetaEn
  • Support e-mail: mephisto123@gmail.com
  • We will respond to comments in this blog as well :)
  • We also keep answering in our microstock forum threads. We will create a new thread for the Microstock.Plus there.