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This week in DevOps #44 — GitOps Issue #26

🗞️ Another GitOps issue guys!

Kubernetes, Infrastructure as code, policy-as-code..

A reminder to check out the GitOps Resources Repo and contribute with any articles, videos, ebooks, and podcasts you find helpful on the GitOps topic.

Cheers to a great weekend 🍻

News & articles

Trusted Delivery: Policy-Based Compliance the GitOps Way thenewstack.io

How to adopt a modern, declarative, and policy-based approach to building compliance into each step of the system.

AWS Kubernetes roadmap includes Flux for GitOpssearchitoperations.techtarget.com
AWS Kubernetes and container services execs revealed details about what’s to come for Amazon EKS and ECS, such as GitOps support via a Flux EKS add-on.

5 Reasons Your Organization May Migrate to Kubernetes in 2022 www.toolbox.com
Nate Matherson, co-founder and CEO, ContainIQ, explores five crucial reasons why your organization should consider migrating to Kubernetes in 2022. Kuber…

Infrastructure as code exposes organisations to risk www.itweb.co.za
Palo Alto’s threat intelligence team found a significant number of misconfigurations in the IAC templates available for use as the base for production workloads.


‎Ship It! DevOps, Infra, Cloud Native: Kaizen! Are we holding it wrong? podcasts.apple.com
‎This is our third Kaizen episode in which Adam, Jerod & Gerhard talk about GitOps the wrong way, ask questions with Honeycomb and realise that they must be holding the CDN wrong, and the effort that has been going into moving all changelog.com static files from regular volumes to an S3-like object s…


Gitops in Azure Arc and AKS | KubeCon NA 2021
LF Live Webinar: Continuous Secure Delivery For Infrastructure As Code




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