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How to get paid for being human

Marko is a high-school student but also a teacher. The classes he teaches don’t happen in a classroom, in fact they can happen almost anywhere. And his students? They’re not humans but machines… Marko is helping to train Artificial Intelligence.

Yet Marko isn’t a computer scientist or young genius, he’s an ordinary guy. He smokes, he meets friends for coffee, he does the shopping, and now he’s discovered a way to train AI the ordinary things that us humans take for granted.

He’s not so much of an early bird, so often misses breakfast and runs to the shop just before class. As he browses the shelves for something to eat, he snaps a few photos of logos with his smartphone, uploads them to the Microwork app and gets paid for his ‘teaching’.

Every photo he uploads helps artificial intelligence to see like we do. We learn in the same way. Our parents point to a dog and call it a dog. They point to a tree and call it a tree. The more iterations we get the more accurate our understanding of a dog and a tree. Of course with humans, these millions of iterations happen automatically with exposure to stimuli, but with Artificial Intelligence we have to be the teachers.

Marko finishes his morning lessons and goes to lunch with some friends. He gets a notification telling him that he can earn money by uploading some images of his food. Five pictures and thirty seconds later he’s continuing lunch with friends and being paid for it.

The smarter that Artificial Intelligence gets, the better it can assist us. It might be a little hard at the moment to see how Marko’s images of logos and his lunch can be useful, but imagine if he could be suggested recipes just by photographing the contents of his cupboard at home. This would be a useful tool for any student who typically prioritises their alcohol and social budget much more than their healthy ingredients budget.

After school Marko meets some friends at a coffee shop. He gets a notification asking him to leave a review of the shop. After answering a few questions, uploading a photo or two of his coffee, and one selfie (just for fun) he’s also paid for his contribution.

Marko isn’t a millionaire, but he’s earning pocket money simply by living his ordinary life. He says “The reason that Microwork works so well for me is because I can make some extra money while still having time to study and do other things that interest me.”

Start earning Ether with the Microwork app.

When the student is a machine, the best way to teach it to think like a human is simply by being human.

Right now, the only way to train Artificial Intelligence to support us and assist in making our lives easier is by using huge amounts of high quality data. You can also become a teacher of AI and get paid to simply live.

Download the app today and start earning by being human.




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