Dear Midasians,

The purge has completed with 193 Pioneer slots made available.

Midasians will have 2 weeks from 10 November to 24 November to get these Pioneer slots for free, provided that you leave your MAS locked into a provided smart contract. You have below options of locking period and amount:

  1. 150,000 MAS for 1 year
  2. 250,000 MAS for 8 months
  3. 500,000 MAS for 5 months
  4. 1,000,000 MAS for 3 months

The moment you send your MAS into the smart contract we provide from your registered wallet on Midas Protocol Cabinet, you will be granted Pioneer status instantly and it will be for life as long as you fulfill the requirement to be Pioneer (maintaining minimum 5000 MAS).

After this period, if no seat left, then there will be no bidding for Pioneer status. If there are seats left then we will conduct bidding with NO MINIMUM BID requirement. However, in order to enter bidding, Midasians will have to lock the maximum amount they intend to use for bidding on Vinex Network. After bidding, we will unlock the remaining MAS for the winner and deducting the amount they use for winning. For the Midasians who do not manage to win, their MAS will also be unlock 2 weeks after the announcement of the winners. One slot per day.

Recap of Midas Pioneer benefits:

  1. Lifetime discount of 20% of any fees that you will have to pay for premium functionalities of the Midas platform (soon to come).
  2. 50% discount on transaction fees when trading on Vinex Network
  3. Earn much higher referral bonus when bringing new user to Vinex
  4. Vote for projects on Midas Foundation and receive voting rewards
  5. Join pool to participate in project private token sale with high bonus
  6. Receive pooling airdrop rewards
  7. Submit new projects on Midas Foundation
  8. Submit ideas and earn reward if idea is implemented
  9. Participate on masternode staking and earning passive income (E.g: divinode, tomonode, znode…)
  10. Discount when invest into STO, CSO projects on Midas Foundation
  11. Receive operating income sharing (in future)
  12. Priority to convert MAS into shares during IPO (in future)

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