It’s time for us to grow our users base and increase $MAS adoption. Again we would like to take this opportunity to give back to Midas community. If you love $MAS, pass $MAS on! Invite your friends to download our Midas wallet app and:

  1. own minimum 500 $MAS
  2. be able to invite others

Then, if you are:

  • Pioneer Master: with your first 50 accepted friends who meet 2 conditions above, you will receive the reward of 800 $MAS/friend. For next 50 friends, you will get 400 $MAS/friend, then for next 50 friends, you will get 200 $MAS/friend.
  • Pioneer Jedi: similarly, the rewards will be 600–400–200 ($MAS)
  • Pioneer Guardian: similarly, the rewards will be 400–200–100 ($MAS)
  • Pioneer Warrior: similarly, the rewards will be 200–100–50 ($MAS)
  • Pioneer Apprentice: similarly, the rewards will be 100–50–25 ($MAS)
  • Midasian: similarly, the rewards will be 50–25–12.5 ($MAS)

From friend 151, the reward will be 12.5 $MAS for all.

For friends who meet only one condition (own MAS or invite others), will still get you reward of 12.5 $MAS.

If your friend continue to invite their friends, they will be treated the same as other Midasians.

The below graph demonstrates on how the campaign works:


Total reward pool for top 100: 470,000 $MAS

Total rewards for each qualified participant will be recorded and updated real-time on their Midas Wallet Profile (available from Beta 1.1.5+) and Midas Cabinet Account (when you sign in

This campaign will run for 33 days starting from 29 November 2018 (3 weeks after THE PURGE to consolidate the rank firmly)

Final total rewards will be declared when the event completes (00:00, 01 January 2019 — Yay, Happy new year!). After the campaign ends, your rewards will be automatically transferred to your Vinex Network account within 2 weeks for you to trade or to withdraw to your wallet.

Total reward pool for this campaign is 5,000,000 MAS. Rewards will be allocated proportionately if the absolute win amount exceeds 5,000,000.

We hope that this referral campaign will benefit many of our loyal Pioneers, and reward for your effort of improving your ranks during the bonus distribution period. Our Way Of Saying… Thank You!

Share and Earn More with Midas Ecosystem! Pass It On!

Download Midas Wallet latest beta release on Google Play Store today to enjoy:

  • Better performance
  • Security improvement
  • Smoother interface
  • New function: import by Private Key (able to import MEW and traditional bitcoin PK to Midas Wallet)

The old Alpha version on Android is now end of life and no longer supported by Midas. Please follow these steps to migrate to a better Midas Wallet experience:

  1. Back up your seedwords and private key
  2. Uninstall the current obsolete alpha wallet
  3. Install the latest Midas Wallet beta

Direct download links:

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