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Let’s start this year with the right foot: I need your help!

Hi everyone!
I hope you started the year with the right foot, as we say here in Italy. I — would say I have. Though anything would be better than the last couple of months, which were a total mess, especially at my day job.
But let’s not talk about the past.

After two months of almost total silent here on Medium, I published three articles about Tolkien in the last week. This is bound to be a good omen, or is it?

Tolkien Monthly — January 2021

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

One is my usual Tolkien Monthly. It’s especially divers this month, and I like it this way.


Then, of course, a tribute to Tolkien on his birthday.

Hope and Tolkien’s Activism. A Tribute on His Brithday

Tolkien’s work is deeply about Hope, and still, it is seldom consolatory. He tells us about Hope as a powerful feeling, but it is so only if we act upon it.

Photo by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash

I listened to most of the Middlemoot talks during the last couple of months (that’s Kansas City Tolkien Conference). This year, speeches were all about Hope, so it’s probably from there that this piece comes from. They were all beautiful talks, and I learned so much from them. I need to keep this conference in mind next year.


And finally, this piece about The Music of the Ainur.

The Music of the Ainur and the Aesthetic of Sadness

Loss and sadness are at the heart of all of Tolkien’s stories of Middle-earth. From the very beginning of time.

Photo by Norris Niman on Unsplash

Now, this is where I need your help.
I’m about to start a collaboration with the Accademia di Biblioterapia Online, which educates about bibliotherapy in particular and stories and books in general. The director, Marco Dalla Valle, likes my work about Tolkien and he asked me to hold an introductory course about Middle-earth.

All this will be in Italian, but I’ve translated the first ‘lesson’ in English because I’d like your opinion on it.
Do you think this is interesting enough as an introduction? And above all, do you think it is clear enough? Please be ruthless!
If you haven’t read The Silmarillion yet, I’d be especially interested in your opinion. It would be so very helpful for me.
I want this course to make sense and be useful, and I need some help here.


Please, contact me at . I would really really appreciate it.

Thanks so much.
This is better be an awesome year!!



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