And That’s Politics Folks

As much, if not the entire nation, is now aware Gov. Scott Walker has decided on this day to suspend his campaign for President. This is big news in many ways in that it is both clearing the crowded republican field and opening up new opportunities and possibilities for many. I am one of those many as I was recently a part of the Scott Walker Leadership team in Iowa.

While many would assume this post may be filled with bitterness about the rapid loss of my position, I want to make very clear that there are no hard feelings because, well that’s politics. In fact this post aims to express my sheer gratitude for the opportunity to work with such an inspiring man. Regardless of one’s personal feelings about Gov. Walker no one can deny that he was a fighter. This was one of the many things Gov. Walker repeatedly spoke about during his time campaigning and one of the many reasons I admired him. Of the many times I met Gov. Walker in person I can honestly say that he gave an aura of “fight or die.” Gov. Walker always has and I believe always will stand strong on his values. He is a strong conservative that took the fight where many would not have dared and more times than not won. I do not consider this suspension of his campaign to be as major a loss as many of my counterparts, rather it is an opportunity for Gov. Walker to return to Wisconsin and continue his already impressive tenure there.

Gov. Walker was and continues to be a kind man who is filled with passion. Passion for his job, his state, his nation. I can say with confidence that this is not the last we will see of Gov. Walker, and that he has a very bright future ahead of him.