Debate Attendees Shocked Me Last Night

What I was not expecting at the last GOP debate before the Iowa Caucus…

As a proud Chris Christie supporter, I have to admit I was concerned with the idea that since Donald Trump was gone from the debate, a lot of dialogue would focus on Cruz in a ‘positive’ way.

Boy was I wrong.

As I sat in the debate hall, my faith was restored in the crowd attendees and the moderators from Fox News last night.

The combination of the videos played noting Cruz’s flip-flopping on immigration, the moderators hard questions (or lack of asking him questions), and highlighting Governor Branstad’s issues with Cruz’s policies all led to an exciting night.

For once Ted Cruz was finally having to answer for these policies that no one seemed to be concerned about. Policies that could severely effect every Iowa who will be caucusing on Monday.

To top it all off, Ted Cruz threatened to walk off the stage..and wait for it…

the crowd BOOED HIM.

I love it.

I was so proud to be an Iowan last night. Let’s hope this same momentum pulls through on Monday.