One Chart That Shows How Strong the 2016 GOP Field Is

WASHINGTON — As more than a dozen Republican candidates battle to become the party’s nominee for president, many have wondered if the fractious infighting is weakening the GOP’s foundation. But according to a surprising new chart, the Republican field is stronger than anyone suspected.

This revelatory new chart shows what some Conservative pundits have been arguing for months now: The current field of Republicans is loaded with strong candidates, almost all considerably stronger than their Democratic counterparts.

According to the data, at least seven Republicans are stronger than the strongest Democrat, Martin O’Malley. The former Maryland governor solidified his place atop the party when Vice President Joe Biden, who had previously packed the most muscle among Democrats, announced today that he would not seek the nomination.

Perhaps most surprising is Ben Carson, a 64-year-old neurosurgeon who has been criticized for recent comments about Muslims and shooting victims. Carson, according to this new chart, is extremely strong, especially considering his age. Conversely, Senator Marco Rubio also showed impressive strength, no doubt aided by his youth.

Most embarrassing for Democrats is the performance of Senator Bernie Sanders, who, according to this chart, is far weaker than had been projected. Sanders barely outperformed Lincoln Chafee, whose was widely believed to be the weakest candidate in the entire field. It has been speculated that Sanders will request a do-over after he has eaten some lunch.