In 1984, I caucused for Ronald Reagan (well every Republican in Iowa did).

I loved President Reagan and backing another candidate four years later seemed impossible. In 1988, I would caucus for Jack Kemp. His message of compassion and fiscal responsibility were positive and based on free market principles. I even appeared in one of Jack Kemp’s campaign commercials. At the end of the commercial, I am the girl in the red sweater who almost falls off the step.

Kemp was the one candidate I thought best continued the Reagan legacy of peace through strength and lessening the burden of regulations on Americans. Reagan and Kemp were happy warriors!

Both Reagan and Kemp were funny and positive, but knew that serious issues faced our country and world. Reagan and Kemp were smart and quick on their feet. Every American could relate to their messages of hope and compassion. “It’s morning again, in America” (1984 Reagan campaign commercial).

It’s been 30 years since my first Iowa caucus and in three months, I will be caucusing for someone, but who? I have NO idea. Maybe in the last 30 years I have become jaded and skeptical. Perhaps, my standards are too high and I will never be able to find another Reagan or Kemp. What I do know is that I want a candidate with a positive message. I want a candidate that unites this country. I want a candidate who does not resort to name calling, bullying and division. I don’t want soundbites and scripted answers. I want a candidate that takes national security, America’s debt, entitlements and immigration seriously. I want a candidate that my son and your daughter can be proud of. Is this too much to ask for?