Minnesota Republicans Searching for a Candidate

If the last two cycles have anything to say about who will be our next republican nominee, the Minnesota Caucus could be one that could go any way. In 2008, Mitt Romney won the caucus over the eventual nominee John McCain. Despite his win, four years later Senator Rick Santorum came to the forefront in winning the caucus in 2012. Though that year Mitt Romney took home the nomination that cycle, it seems to be apparent that Minnesota seems to like underdogs and the candidate who appears to be the most anti establishment at that time.

As polls having been coming out over the last few months, there seems to be two possible trailblazers.

In a December Straw poll, Ted Cruz led the pack with a strong 31 points, with the closest candidate being Marco Rubio holding a much smaller point count of 16.

With Fiorina (11.7 points) and Rand Paul (9.9 points) no longer in the mix, there seems to be a large grouping of voters still looking to find a candidate to support. There is still uncertainty in the possible caucus results.

Nonetheless, a more recent poll from the Star Tribune indicates Rubio leading the pack with 23 points and a close runner up with Ted Cruz holding onto to a solid 21 points.

South Carolina will also play into the mix this Saturday. The results of South Carolina with either confirm Donald Trump as the front-runner with Cruz and Rubio as the alternatives. As a side note, many think South Carolina is Jeb’s last stand in this campaign.

With such differing poll outcomes, it is still too close to say who will put out in the front come Super Tuesday, but there is no doubt Minnesota will be a caucus to watch.

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