Caucus Countdown: Day 10

The Young Vote Matters

We are less than 10 days away for the Iowa Caucuses. LESS THAN 10!! I have been working hard this last year in the process. Sometimes being so involved, I forget that not everyone my age cares as much as I do. In the 2012 Republican caucus only 15% of the voters were between the ages of 17–29. I am encouraging my generation to go out and vote on caucus night. Our voice matters.

Obama proved it in 2008. College students can make a difference. (Trust me, I am reading a book on it.) I am fortunate enough to live in a college town that tends to be more conservative. However, I still feel like my voice isn’t heard over the cries from the left. I know that there are more conservative college students out there. We proved it in 2014 with Joni.

Just because February 1st is caucus night and you may feel like it doesn’t matter weather you vote or not, it does. Candidates can surge in the race based off how they do in Iowa. You do not need to win Iowa to get the nomination. But, if a candidate can prove that they can win the hearts of Iowans, they can win over the hearts of the nation.

The caucus can be make or break for a candidate. Just ask Jimmy Who? Do not just go and vote for someone because you know their name. Do your research.

Go vote. Same day registration is possible; bring an id and proof of residence.