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Growth is Painful but Necessary

Sometimes the one thing that keeps us from growing is fear.

Growth can be scary. And painful. But to change we have to push up, stretch out, fall down, and sometimes, claw our way to the surface of transformation. But the end result is beauty. And vision.

The ability to see past our current environment, reality, and physical state of being. The naysayers may call you silly or unrealistic. They may not see the nuggets of greatness lying within you.

But, here at Middle-Pause, we do. Our editors nudge and pull your stories into things of power. You do the work, we suggest.

Do not be afraid. We will support you.

However, I am the biggest scaredy-cat of them all. I hang onto pieces for weeks sometimes, I admit. But I’m still working and writing. I’ll get better, too.

We will STOMP! out fear. That stands for Stronger Together On Middle-Pause!

We only have a few submits this week, so I’ll add one of my old ones. Let them breathe for a bit.

Drum roll please…

Facing Fear and Moving Forward Marilyn Flower

Why You Should Be Grateful for UncertaintyDaniella Mini

Living in the In-Between TimeDebbie Walker

Our purpose is to encourage, inspire, and empower you to live of meaning and purpose. Whatever that is to you.

Leave any comments, suggestions, or just send us virtual words of love and support (We sure need it!) at middlepause51@gmail.com.

Remember, To engage is to empower!

Also, if you are in a crisis of managing work, family, parenting, caregiving, disability, racism, or menopause; check out how I created an oasis of peace in my life.

Until next time…

Peace & Blessings!

Your Superheroes!

Debbie, Marilyn, Margie, & Meg



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Debbie Walker

Debbie Walker is the creator of Middle-Pause, STOMP!, & published a 3-book anthology. Top Writer in Food. Follow her at https://linktr.ee/Debbie_Walker