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I know you are out there, ladies!

I hear your whisper but I want to hear your song. Sing strong and loud and long! We want to hear your stories but it is an octave too low.

Do you remember the images in the not so distant past of the people entertaining their neighbors by stepping out on their balconies and singing to their heart’s content? Please, regal us with your voices!

That being said, let’s begin by listening to our fellow writers as they articulate their messages of the joy and struggle of life.

How To Retire SuccessfullyJulia Miller

Julia wants to retire without raising her stress score. Oooh, the things we must do to prepare. Julia gives us great insight! You go, you stress-relief wizard, you!

For the Love of My Daddy Debbie Walker

This letter to my Dad may be more of a letter to me releasing my frustration. It’s kind of sad, however, healing rides on the heels of bitterness. Read and learn about my experience.

It’s Not About You (or Me)Marilyn Flower

Marilyn wants us to learn not to take things personally because, sometimes, other people do. We cannot control the actions of others only our response. Leave it up to our Wisdom Coach to teach us how!

Life Gets Better After 50DRM

Ooh, ooh, Debra finally submitted! I am excited and honored to be graced with her honesty and wit! She tells us point-blank to quit obsessing over lost youth and enjoy the gifts of age. Talk to us, girl!

Wow, I enjoyed our time together! Didn’t you. We must do this more often, however, that is up to you! You have to comment. Unbeknownst to my family, I really cannot read minds.

Drop me a line at middlepause51@gmail.com, and be sure to follow Middle-Pause!

Most importantly, Here is my 4-Step Action Plan to create a vision for your life!

Remember, To engage is to empower!

Until next time…

Peace & Blessings!

Debbie Walker

p.s. I will have a surprise for you next week, I hope!



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Debbie Walker

Debbie Walker is the creator of Middle-Pause, STOMP!, & published a 3-book anthology. Top Writer in Food. Follow her at https://linktr.ee/Debbie_Walker