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Manifesto Time! Monday Edition 7/13/20

Last week we talked about a vision for your life, this week we are focusing on creating a manifesto for your life.

But first, let's get to the Superhero Meeting the team had on Friday. The points we discussed are: 1) How can we impact women’s lives in a meaningful way? 2) To encourage, engage with, and empower women to lead fulfilled lives through word and deed. 3) We will accomplish this through the Middle-Pause Pub., articles, and a podcast.

That’s right. A podcast.

It’s a big vision, however, we are committed to seeing this thing through. Ugh, I know my grammar is not the greatest, but that is why we have an interconnected team of Superheros dedicated to supporting each other.

Now the manifesto. Marvelous Marilyn, who is our Resident Spiller of Wisdom wrote a post on how to create one. She taught me.

Basically, it is a roadmap for our life. What we believe, our life goals, and how to accomplish them.

Time for articles. Drum roll, please…

This Is My Face and I’ll Pull One If I Want to Caroline de Braganza

Caroline explored the complicated relationship we have with our reflection and decided that pulling faces at the mirror is her saving grace. I’m gonna go to the mirror and make one of my own!

How to Reconnect with Your Original SelfDebbie Walker

I tell the story of a little girl who is lost and becomes a buried treasure. Read on to find out what happens!

What is Your Manifesto and Why Create One?Marilyn Flower

Here is Marilyn’s article, the Middle-Pause pump primer to jump-start your writing. It will help direct your life!

Also, our followers have increased to 343! Woo hoo! Help us to spread the word, we want writers and followers!

Remember, To engage is to empower!

Also, remember that if you are in a crisis of managing work, family, parenting, caregiving, disability, racism or menopause check out how I created an oasis of peace in my life.

Until next time…

Peace & Blessings!

Your Superheroes!

Debbie, Marilyn, Margie, & Meg



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Debbie Walker

Debbie Walker

Debbie Walker is the creator of Middle-Pause, STOMP!, MPM Publishing, and published 3 of a 4-book anthology. Follow her at https://linktr.ee/Debbie_Walker