The Things Women Carry

Tara Lingeman
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2 min readMay 7, 2024


Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

Women carry things, like
lotions and lipsticks,
and pens in purses…
things like aspirin, and bandaids,
and notepads in bags.

Women learn to carry secrets
like the blood between their legs,
like passing crushes at lockers
and stolen glances in Algebra…
Solve for x when x = just sexy enough
and y = too much of a slut.

Women carry resentments
by association for friends,
carry loyalty and protection,
fiercely ready to defend.
Women carry fists and anger
compressed under polite smiles
and involuntary tears.

Women carry men
as they seek healing
from Patriarchy
in softness
they only allow in the
presence of Her.

Women carry groceries to feed families,
carry dishes to potlucks,
carry babies on hips, while
carrying vacuums,
and carrying schedules
of sports games and
conferences and



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