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Welcome, Beloved!

I want to go outside! How about you? I am just about sick of staying indoors. However, I refuse to endanger my life and others. My family needs me and I do not want blood on my hands. I know that may seem like a drastic statement but I cannot deny logic and my feelings. Well, enough of my soapbox.

This newsletter is a little short this week. I am conducting an experiment to see if you would rather read less or the same. Let me know in the comments.

We have 231 followers! Yay! We growing slowly but steadily. I think I may have to up my game to get more followers.

Wait, I have a thought! Why don’t ya’ll put in good words for this pub. Let people know this is a place to read quality posts, engage with one another, and be empowered!

It’s time for our submissions. Drum roll, please…

Who Is That Old Lady in the Mirror Debbie Walker

This is a post I am proud of. It was published in PSILY, but I thought I might share here also. Read on…I believe you will be surprised.

She Sees Opportunity in the Silver of Her HairPunitaWrites

Punita’s let go of fear and invites us to see silvery sparkles of promise over our mind’s landscape and in the current chaotic reality that we exist. You inspire us, sis!!

The Importance of Being and Staying Grounded in Your BodyMarilyn Flower

Marilyn’s article on Ann Bogart’s Viewpoints and other forms of mindful moving used in her theater group has helped her to become grounded in her body. Lead the way, girl!

How to Convince Your Macho Husband to Wear a Homemade Mask — @Debbie Walker

My engagement in high-level negotiations on the homefront wasn’t easy. So I resorted to age-old tactics to reach my objective. Read on…

Remember, To engage is to empower!

Let me send you my 4-Step Action Plan to create anything in your life, even a vision! I used the plan to create the Vision Statement for my life, it works!

Until next time.

Peace & Blessings!

Debbie Walker



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