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What Is the Answer to the Problems Of Today?

Love and her four sisters.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

Welcome, Beloved!

That’s right. Love is a force that transcends the abuse we inflict on one another. Whether it’s conflict within our families or between nations.

Love is eternal and stronger and covers the evil people do.

But did you know Love has four sisters? They support and embrace her with tenderness, faith, hope, and endurance. They are essential to everything Love embodies.


Often Tenderness is known as tender lovingkindness. She is so much more than just one word. For instance, she holds a broken heart in her hands or soothes a fevered brow. She welcomes you as her beloved.


To love someone, we have to have faith in them. This sister believes the best in someone. Giving them the benefit of not one, but many doubts.

Sister Faith sees the good in people. She believes that there is virtue in them, even if she has to dig deep to find it.


Faith and Hope are twin sisters. Faith is the older sister because faith comes before hope.

Faith believes for something to happen now without evidence. Hope is the belief about something to occur in the future.

How does the 3rd sister Hope walk alongside love? Love hopes all things.


Sister Patience is a warrior. She fights from a position of strength and fortitude. She is the glue holding the sisters together.

Patience endures slander without bowing her head. She endures hatred without getting angry. She endures attack without turning back.

She counteracts with enduring love.

Today, humanity is in chaos and conflict. We would do well to express action and words of love towards one another. It surely begins at home with us.

Can you grab one of the sister’s hands?

Let’s give a little Love to our sisters by reading their posts! And don’t forget to listen to our podcast, STOMP! Yours truly is the guest.

Marilyn Flower introduces us to one of her favorite authors in honor of Black History Month.

Sharon Johnson takes us through her rip-roaring decade of change.

Aikya Param writes about the 1st black woman to run for President!

Debbie Walker (me) introduces us to the four sisters of love.

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May the Middle-Pause be with you!

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Also, if you are in a crisis of managing work, family, parenting, caregiving, disability, racism, or menopause; check out how I created a guide to living a happy life.

Until next time…

Peace & Blessings!

Your Superheroes!

From Debbie, Krista, Cindy, Margie, Marilyn, and Meg

Debbie Walker is a great-grandmother, writer, blogger, and the creator of Middle-Pause & Forward Motion, the podcast STOMP!, MPM Publishing, and is editing a four-book anthology of Middle-Pause writers. Stay in touch at middlepause51@gmail.com; follow her on Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; & listen to STOMP!



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