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5 Amazing Newsletters Everyone Should Subscribe to!

Best weekly newsletters to help you grow in life.

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Is your inbox filled with useless emails? Well, that’s the case with most people.

People don’t pay enough attention to their Gmail and as a result, they miss out on many great opportunities.

But today I’ll help you clean all the useless stuff from your inbox and recommend some amazing newsletters to subscribe, that can change your life.

How to Clean your Inbox?

First of all, as promised, let me help you clean up your messy inbox.

Follow the steps mentioned in the workflow:

Next thing is to add filters in your Gmail to label the important emails as per the category.

Follow the below workflow for the steps:

Now let’s dive into the newsletter’s part.

#1 / 3–2–1 Thursday by James Clear

Do you know who James Clear is? He is the author of the famous best-selling book “Atomic Habits”.

And he runs this newsletter even before publishing this best-seller book. Today millions are taking advantage of it.

The reason I put this newsletter on number 1 is because of its simplicity and no fancy stuff.

He even claims that his newsletter provides “the most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web”.

#2 / All Systems Go by Ben Meer

Ben Meer is a famous Twitter influencer with 200k+ followers who post tweets and threads about self-improvement.

In his newsletter, He shares the best things he learned throughout the week which include podcasts, threads, and the best tech products to use.

#3 / Side Hustle Saturdays by Niharika Kaur Sodhi

Today I think every new writer knows Niharika. If you don’t know her then she is one of the fastest-growing writers on both Medium and LinkedIn with thousands of followers.

So every Saturday she shares some best tips to take your writing and personal life to the next level.

Recently in September, she even revealed her LinkedIn tips to grow on the platform.

She keeps sharing such stuff consistently. So better to join it today.

#4 / Write Like a Pro by Niklas Göke

Niklas Göke is the owner of Four Minute Books. It is the one-stop solution to reading the summaries of the best books in the industry.

With experience of 5+ years in the writing, Nik helps a newbie writer to go from zero to hero level.

I am not joking, You will come to know after subscribing to it. I have been personally following his advice for 1 and a half years now.

Since then I have seen a lot of improvement in my writing. You can even follow him on medium.

#5 / The Alex & Books Newsletter by Alex Wiec

Alex Wiec is again a famous influencer with 350K+ followers on Instagram and 250K+ followers on Twitter.

Every week he shares a new book summary, Actionable advice, and inspirational quotes.

The best part of this newsletter is the book summary. Because Alex is an avid reader and recommends some amazing books from different categories.

He also runs a podcast on YouTube with famous book authors for more detailed insight.

Final Thoughts:

The best thing about these newsletters is: All of them are free. You don’t have to pay anything but will get tons of information at just a fingertip every week.

Key Message: Subscribing to these newsletters makes your time productive and is far better than scrolling through useless promotional emails.

For your kind information, I am not sponsoring any of them but I always love to share things that I found helpful, with my community.

So with this thought, Let’s end the conversation here. I will meet you at the next one. Thank you for reading.

You can share your favorite newsletter in the comments or provide a link to your article. Spreading knowledge is highly appreciated.

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