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A Poem About A Young Girl Who Lost Her Way

What was Lost Can Be Found

Image by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels

I am from under a crab-apple tree,
from tangy tart and pink-purple blossoms.
I am from the basement,
weaving spotted spiders
and hidden candy bar wrappers.
I am from safety and fear
kept swallowed and chewed,
broken and bruised.

I am from torment and gunfire,
valour and strength.
I am from protection,
and throttled regrets.
I am from jingle-bell shadows,
butter tarts and fudge,
and silver-dollar coins.

I am from driftwood,
birdsong and smoky booze,
from fishing boats, islands,
and crossing seas.

I am from cast-outs
and typing pools,
from Be quiet!
Be a pilot!

Conquer the world!
What are you doing,

But I am also from so much more
than the eye can see,
the heart can remember,
and the mind can fathom.

For down the way was a sanctuary
I once visited,
where glory and grace entered me there.
They were shrouded in dreams,
which would one day reveal
a rainbow gleaming, leading me
right back to God.

I am from those moments
so tender and true:
a seedpod
of moxie and magnolias
bursting in belonging.

Author Notes:

I wrote this poem titled Where I’m From, (after “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon) for the lost little girl I was, to encourage her that she would find something deep inside her someday that was true.

When, as a fifty+ something woman, I would find my faith, this poem is a reminder of the few times during my childhood when I sat in a church and felt a peace beyond understanding. A peace that would find me later and gave me someplace to belong.

With love,


© 2021 Poem by Kiernan Antares. All rights reserved.

Key Message: We are made up of so much more than we can understand. Grace and belonging can and will find us when we quiet enough to listen to what our lives are telling us.

In response to The Daily Write Challenge prompt: Write a short story about a boy or girl who has gotten lost.



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