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Always Be Ready To Quit

An unpopular opinion

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Life is full of crazy, one day it’s up the next day it’s down.

It’s easy to get sick of the many twists and turns of making a business work, taking a project off the ground or even managing the rigour of your busy schedule.

But part of you knows that failure is the route to success. The long and slow process of next to zero results. The hard slog. The early mornings and late nights. Is it even worth it?

You’ve probably heard the story of bamboo.

Bamboo grows up to 60ft in 6-weeks. Yet for five years it grows silently underground. Building its network and support system to withstand its rapid growth. Five years of nothing… or so it would seem.

Jeff Bezos didn’t turn a profit for Amazon for almost nine years.

Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping fought in the UFC for 9 years before he finally won the middleweight belt to become the first British fighter to win the UFC title. Quite an achievement. The Count was always just off the mark.

I remember watching — inebriated in a bar somewhere in Tenerife — his brutal knockout by Dan Henderson back in 2009.

It was quite a right hand… and that follow up (ouch!)

Check it out here

Yet Bisping continued year after year to get up and fight. He was 37 when he finally succeeded. The desire to quit never comes during the sunshine moments.

The desire to quit comes in times of darkness.

When you feel lost, overwhelmed, and exhausted. When a 250lb Dan Henderson smashes you straight in the face, you hit the canvas with a bang big enough to create a 3.4 on the Richter scale.

That’s when you want to quit. And that’s cool. That’s when you should quit!

Wait! What?

Am I now saying you should quit? Yes and no. When things go South, which they will, this is an opportunity to reassess. It’s not a reason to stop. There’s a difference.

You might have to quit your current strategy or tactics. You might have to quit (or adapt) your current beliefs. You might have to quit a few habits and form new ones.

Imagine your life as a maze. You know where you want to go. You know what the end looks like. You just don’t know how to get there… yet.

It’s necessary then to try different paths. To take different routes and discover the dead ends. Some paths will lead to a Dan Henderson overhand right. Others will lead to something a little less painful. Each path teaches a lesson.

Where you’re at now you won’t be in 12-months from now. Unless you stop of course. Then you will be in exactly the same place.

Michael Bisping didn’t get up and fight again the next week. That would be crazy. He was smart. He took his lessons and changed his game. He took time out to figure out his next move. He adapted.

Many ‘experts’ wrote Bisping off years before he won. Yet he didn’t give up. He continued to put the reps in the day after month after year.

Without taking his eye on the prize he kept going. He knew what he wanted and eventually, he got it.

Key Message

Be brave enough to quit. But strong enough to never give up! Life has a way of beating you to the ground from time to time but such is life.

Your current strategy might need to change. You might need to look at different avenues but never take your eyes off your dream.

Life works in mysterious ways. I’m a firm believer we all have a purpose in life. Whether that’s winning a UFC title, starting a business or writing a book. Your vision is your own. What you can see you can achieve.

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