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How I Got 200+ Followers With Just Posting 1 Article This Month!

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I decided to experiment on the platform. Because I wasn’t getting enough results doing the same things and came to know that the algorithm is slightly updated.

Why did this happen? As I said in one of my most viewed articles.

Your articles are not dead when they don’t go viral immediately.

The process takes time. I have 70+ articles on medium. Out of them, many got viral this month.

If you look at the stats of a few of my articles, You can see that views got better overtime. Claps got better.

Also publications are not yet dead. Small and growing publications are still killing it on medium.

What’s the Tip?

Don’t post everyday. Yes you heard it right. Consistency is important but no need to post daily.

Because I have observed few drawbacks regarding it:

  • You get burnt out posting regularly.
  • Lack of content.
  • Due to change in algorithm, Stories take time to go viral.

Key Message: Posting 3-4 well researched stories per week is far better than daily chaos. This helps you maintain consistency over the month with 15+ articles published.

Let’s end the discussion here. Thank you for reading :)

Have any doubts? Let me know in the comments.

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Have a Nice Day. Love you all.



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