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1 min readJan 22, 2023


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Hello dear readers,

It’s been a while! The last time we sent out a MIDFORM newsletter was back in August 2022.

We’re now back and ready to breathe some new life into the publication.

Introducing our Lead Editor Linda Locke

We’re excited that Linda Locke is stepping up to take over as Lead Editor for MIDFORM.

Megan Llorente will stick around to support from behind the scenes, but won’t be taking as much of an active role.

What does this mean:

  • Linda will be sharing updated guidelines for 2023 soon
  • We’ll be restarting our monthly newsletter series
  • There may be a call-out for more editors down the line
  • More fresh ideas will be coming!

Linda has already been doing the brunt of the editing work and getting your pieces published in a timely way. She has an amazing background as a newspaper/newsletter editor and reporter so she’s the perfect fit to help support all of our writers.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments to come!

Best wishes,
Megan & the MIDFORM editing team

Key Message: Linda Locke will be leading the future for MIDFORM. Look out for what we get up to in 2023 to grow this awesome publication!



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