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Postcard Fiction — “Greetings from Mars”

How to stay in touch with your Earth friends

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2 min readMay 8, 2024


“Greetings From Mars (front)” Designed by Carmellita in Canva

What’s Postcard Fiction

Postcard Fiction, a fun creative exercise, is a type of micro-fiction or flash fiction. The story is very short. The story is usually 50 to 100 words. Afterall, the entire story fits on the back of a postcard!

Because Postcard Fiction combines visual storytelling and narrative, the postcard itself can inspire the story in two ways:

  • The image on the front of the postcard can be the setting or a key element of the plot (see above in featured image).
  • The message section on the back is where the writer crafts the story itself (see below).

Postcard Fiction: Greetings From Mars by Carmellita

The front of the postcard is the featured image above. Here is the back of the postcard.

“Greeting From Mars” (back) Designed by Carmellita (Author) in Canva

The Story:

Greetings From Mars,




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