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Why Covid-19 Has Destroyed Students’ Lives

The pandemic was difficult for all of us, particularly for students

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Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected all of us. Over the last two years, billions have lost their jobs, had their finances put in jeopardy, and have struggled to maintain relationships. It was rough on all of us, and some of us still haven’t recovered.

One group that was often ignored in the pandemic was students. Whether they were just starting pre-school or were graduating from university, I can almost guarantee COVID-19 compromised their school experience.

Young Children Don’t Get Any Social Interaction From School

When it comes to children just entering school or in primary school, the social interactions that school is supposed to provide were completely robbed of them. This might seem minor to you, but social interactions are pivotal in a young person’s life; they help the youngster to advance their social skills, allow them to develop relationships outside the home, and, let’s face it, we are social beings and social interactions are an absolute necessity to us. This lack of social interaction outside the home has and will cause a myriad of problems for youngsters.

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Learning New Content Is Harder

Learning new material was also likely very difficult for young children as it was for teenagers and young adults. The reality is that some people just don’t learn best by watching a video. Many people find it hard to focus, hard to understand and just don’t absorb the material as well as they would’ve in class. This has likely made their post-pandemic classes very difficult, as they are now in higher grades, but still don’t understand the material they were supposed to learn two years ago.

Grades Have Dropped

Ultimately, the pandemic has led to much lower grades for a lot of students. Whether it was due to mental health issues, an inability to comprehend material via Zoom or the added stress of attending school during a pandemic, millions of students likely started failing more classes and suffered a dip in their GPAs.

For younger kids in elementary and middle school, this might not have much of an effect on their lives. But for students in high school and university, this drop in grades affects their prospects for admissions, and job offers. Many students have had to reconsider their career prospects, and give up on lifelong dreams, not due to anything that they did wrong, but simply because of the time and global situation they live in.

Although life is starting to return to normal, the pandemic will likely have residual effects on students for months or years to come. School boards and educators need to be aware of this, and students need to understand that they are not alone, their struggles are normal and things will get better.

Key Message: Students are struggling post pandemic. We need to spread awareness of this, and our best to support them!

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