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Why PRIDE Is My Proud

Transition Brought Many Gifts With It


This is a response to the MIDFORM Daily Write Challenge
June 13th: What are you most proud of in your life so far? Tell us about it.

Wow, this one washed up like a wave on me, and I had no idea what to write on. I guess up to this point; it’s been my coming-out-as-trans story, which is still a ginormous work in progress.

Yes, I’m proud to be part of PRIDE!!!

Rediscovering this part of who I am has been a very rewarding, very strange process. By opening that first door, I have seen other things open up in my life as well. I have found new friends, new relationships, and new aspects of who I am. And I’m finding a person who loves themselves enough to make better choices on how they love and interact, how they share, and how they can help others in their journey…

There have been struggles; transitioning to my real form takes work and is rife with opportunities needing to be overcome. But I will do these with as much grace as I can. I welcome the opportunity to be myself and to experience my best life!

Key Learning: Sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is say “yes” when life gives you another chance. Take a deep breath and go for it! Be proud of even these simple navigations; they can change your life…

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Jenny Starr✨

Jenny Starr✨

A transgender woman (she/they) learning her way in this beautiful life…queer, curious, thoughtful. I write poetry, LGBTQ and whatever else. Come away with me!