5 Essential Mac Apps for Video Editors & Content Creators

Matthew O'Brien
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8 min readJul 25, 2022

Productivity Tips To Make Your Workflow Secure & Efficient

You’ve gotta check out these five apps if you’re making content or editing video!

As video editors and/or content creators, we’re constantly looking for apps that improve our workflows and save us time and frustration.

Speed, efficiency, simplicity, automation, security…these are the qualities we’re looking for whenever we’re fielding app recommendations or searching for apps that take a complex process and make it much simpler, more intuitive — apps that make that friction-filled process friction-free.


We all need to protect our data, right? We have to have backups and often backups of our backups. But we need to be able to do that process efficiently. Well, look no further than the excellent Chronosync app.

Chronosync is a must-have app for ensuring data security.

I’ve been using this app for years to back up external drives that store my video editing projects for clients as well as my own YouTube content. If you’re working with a bunch of media assets and a Final Cut Pro Library, you can use this app to easily synchronize all of your files and folders from one drive to another.

And the beauty of this app is you can run a sync during or at the end of every work day to just sync what’s changed since the last time you synced your drives. I mainly use the app to do a scheduled backup of two pairs of drives.

Pair 1 | Main 24TB Promise Pegasus2 R8 + Backup 24TB Promise Pegasus2 R8

Pair 2 | 12TB Promise Pegasus R4 + 8TB Seagate Backup Plus

The drives in Pair 1 sync left to right every night at 1:30 am so that everything I’ve done on my “Main” drive is backed up to its backup. And I do the same for the drives in Pair 2.

Use this powerful app to schedule daily backups of the hard drive that holds all of your precious data.

It gives me peace of mind, a sense of security, and I never have to stress when I look at my drives and think, “I really should figure out how to back these up more often. I’d be devastated if I lost any of this data.”

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