Demon Zone

“Three Demons” © 2021 — Randal Elon Greene

Mark the doors with the sigils of the moon, of the red red river, of the biting chains. Empty dawn of its fire. Let dusk sink eternally into crepuscular paralyzation — hypnagogic, terrifying. Dragons long slumbering in the earth: Rise! Burn the tents. Rape the women. Convert the men to the church of sharpened steel. Aim high. Pillage low. Wear white in the dark and don’t forget to blow all the candles out. Ancient markings waver at the rumble of the prehuman tongues…




Where genres mesh beneath moonlight to conjure beautiful, dark tales.

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Randal Eldon Greene

Randal Eldon Greene

Fiction writer, AuthorTuber, and founder of the Hello, Author interview newsletter.📗

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