Night Vision: A Flash Fiction

Lowen Puckey
Jul 17, 2019 · 2 min read

Part 4: Cytherean — A Season of Strange Writing Competition


It is a very difficult thing to communicate with people. I have tried all different ways. I have tried words. Actions. Music. Math. Genetic manipulation.

Nothing seemed to get through.

There were misunderstandings. Offended feelings.

And then I realised: that is the way to get through to them — emotions.

If I can make people feel emotions, I might be able to make them understand. I tried out an array of emotions at first — joy, surprise, anger, love. But there was one emotion that was obviously stronger than the rest: fear.

I suspect that fear is the strongest emotion because it motivates the protection of the species. And therefore I make people feel fear. All kinds of fear, sometimes overlapped with other emotions, such as anger or sadness, mixing them up in large vats of emotional concoctions to see which combinations are more likely to make people understand me. And I think the stronger the reaction to what I do to them, the more likely they are to see the message I am trying to give them. Through my calculated efforts, we will intersect.

I want people to understand me, just as I have tried to understand them. Like all animals, I just want connection. It’s a justified need.

A need too long left unmet becomes pure hunger. And so, every night, I keep trying.

And when the hand comes around to the next hour, I will try again.

Words in bold are linked to the continuing story in other submissions

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Thanks to Daphelba DeBeauvoir

Lowen Puckey

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Advocate for mental health, chronic illness and disability. Sometime writer of funnies & fiction. Perpetual drinker of tea.

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