“Midnight is the transition time period from one day to the next: The moment when the date changes.”

Today we’re excited to launch Midnight, a product design studio dedicated to helping teams build something people want.

We started Midnight based on three core beliefs:

1. Team is everything.

Midnight was born out of a partnership, not the other way around.

Courtney and I have collaborated for years as co-founders and product leads. We’ve been through the ringer — raising venture money, shipping products to millions of users, and partnering with the world’s top brands. We’ve experienced both the highs of success and the lows of failure.

If anything, we’re building Midnight as an excuse to continue to pair together on mission-driven projects with people we believe in.

2. Time is the most valuable asset for any company.

As former startup founders, we understand time is of the essence. The world is evolving at an alarming pace, and you only get so many tries before your window closes. Every swing counts, so we’ve designed an agile workflow to help our partners iterate with speed in mind.

We typically partner with clients for 3 months as full-time designers-in-residence to accelerate growth for early-stage teams looking for product-market fit and more established companies craving fresh ideas.

We build to learn, and what normally takes teams six to twelve months, we can do in a fraction of the time.

We facilitate design sprints, prototype hypotheses, validate assumptions, prioritize features, create interfaces, guide development and conduct usability tests to design something people want.

3. Compelling and contrarian insights drive innovation.

We believe the world’s most iconic products are designed with a distinct point-of-view. Our team specializes in user research to identify critical insights that unpack the “what, why, and how” behind the customer journey.

Our philosophy: Build a brand, not just a product.

We exist to help our clients articulate their vision for the world, position it in the marketplace, and bring it to life through every touchpoint of the experience.

Our mark: The Midnight Fox

If you’re a founder building an early stage product, investor looking for ways to help your portfolio, or more established company looking to innovate, get in touch — we’d love to help.