Introducing The Dating Profile of The Future

Meet Glimpse, a new dating app built on Instagram

Today our team is excited to introduce Glimpse, a new mobile dating app built on Instagram.

We believe Instagram is a great source for dating content because our profiles say a lot about us —i.e. what neighborhoods we frequent, our sense of humor, the things we care about — all without having to say a word.

With Glimpse, we help people communicate both what they look like and how they see the world. We believe visual perspective is important because it’s today’s most valuable form of social capital. If the web has transitioned from saying to showing, why haven’t dating profiles?

Obviously there are a ton of dating services available, so let’s talk about our two main objectives in designing a more effective dating profile.

A More Well-Rounded Story

Traditional dating sites like Match and OkCupid ask you to “sell yourself” through profile pictures and a written self-summary. Unfortunately, people are notoriously bad at talking about themselves — that’s why most profiles feel over-engineered.

At Glimpse, rather than authenticate through Facebook, we purposefully limit sign-in to Instagram — we feel it’s a much more authentic representation of who we are. What we look like is important (there’s no denying that), but when it comes to discovering new people we also crave perspective.

Building a profile on Glimpse is super easy: Select nine photos from your Instagram. We want to know what you geek out on — the kinds of things that make you feel alive.

Natural Conversations Around Photos

Initial contact on mobile apps like Tinder and Hinge is painfully awkward, because there’s nothing to talk about. Swiping left and right is addicting, but after you’re matched is when things gets ugly

Selfies are a good starting point, but most lack the context to start a real conversation.

Think about offline: It’s why approaching someone new at a bar is challenging — there’s nothing to talk about. Sure you can try a pick up line, but how often does that actually lead to something?

By sharing your perspective on Glimpse, we finally have something to talk about. Photos of how we see the world provide more depth and intricacy, while providing excellent anecdotical insight.

A New Dating Formula

Photos of me + How I see the world = Something natural to talk about

Our team is on a mission to bring people together through sharing perspective. We believe in a world built on empathy and healthy conversation, so we’ll measure success by how many people we get talking, as opposed to just liking.

If Tinder is hot or not, then Glimpse is interesting or not.

Request an invite: or find us in the app store here.

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