Is Instagram The Next Big Social Graph?

Back in April, Facebook made some major changes to their API, shutting down much of its social graph for developers.

ICYMI: It’s going to be tough for developers to build new social apps with such restrictions.

Today we’re excited to share Me+You, a new experiment to find the next big social graph.

How it works:

Every time you get a new Instagram follower, we follow up via email to let you know what you have in common — mutual friends and places (venues where you both shared photos).

An email from Me+You, should remind you of OG Timehop back when it was 4squareand7yearsago — a fun, delightful surprise in your inbox.

Here’s why we think Instagram has potential to be the next big social graph:

  • Surfacing shared places on Glimpse (another app we built to date with Instagram) was really powerful and effectively drove conversation.
  • Instagram is putting more emphasis on location. In their latest update, they auto-suggest venues, making it easier for the user to tag a place. We’re betting “Place-as-part-of-the-picture” will definitely be a thing moving forward.

The Bigger Vision

If we can get 10k signups and 30% open rate, we’ll take that as a good indicator to keep pushing towards our ultimate goal — the VennGraphAPI — a new way for developers to build social apps.

Have any feedback? Shoot us an email or leave us a response :)

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