Put your best face forward with @TryFaceOff

Today we’re excited to introduce FaceOff, a fun new app to help you find your best selfie.

We all have *that friend* who thinks their selfie game is on point, yet their ridiculous kissy-face doesn’t seem to deliver.

Profile pictures are an important first impression on the Internet, so we built a playful tool to help you find the best “front cover” for your story.

FaceOff started as a small side project.

To date, our team has been building Glimpse, a fun way to date with Instagram. A few weeks back, we released an update where some users experienced a bug that didn’t allow them to update their profile picture.

Support emails came pouring in at about 10x the normal rate, and when our community asked, we really listened when they wanted us to re-examine the way profile pictures were updated.

Curious as to why this bug stirred up such a *passionate* outcry, we started a dialogue with some of our power users and stumbled across an interesting behavior:

People continuously update their profile picture until they start receiving more matches and messages.

Duh! This seems so obvious in retrospect.

Ask any best-selling author if their book cover matters. Of course it does!

So we decided to create a little experiment to automate this behavior for our users…

How FaceOff works

It’s simple:

  • Upload two of your own selfies.
  • The community votes on which of your selfies they like best.
  • See which of your selfies wins!

It’s important to note, FaceOff is a safe place to get feedback on your selfies. There are no comments. There is no messaging. Good vibes all around!

Give us a download and let us know what you think at @TryFaceOff.

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