The Last Killer of Ghostcity

Chapter Eight: Supposedly Dead

Ghostcity was quieter than ever, as if no one lived there anymore. The sun hadn’t appeared for days, and some thick clouds filled the dark gray sky in the afternoon. Some buzzards flew on the horizon far away in the mountains, perhaps the last few living things in the city. Rob looked out of the window deeply sad. He had returned too late.

“Now you to tell me the whole story,” said Claire, after sitting in the bed and folding herself in a chess blanket, “Have you become a wizard or something? How did you find me?” She added.

“Ok, I’m going to tell you. There’s a lot more,” Rob responded. Then he sat next to her, “I’ve seen incredible things,” he started, “like ghosts, monsters, and mainly, Mom.”

“What? Mom? Really?” She asked, astonished, “How come?”

Then Rob told her how his entire adventure in the mystical world had been, and as he quietly described each part of the journey, Claire exploded in curiosity.

“So, they live, like, flipping around all the time? Do they ever feel hungry?”

Rob explained everything to her, they were finally enjoying a time together. The feeling could not be easily explained. Many tragedies had happened, but the adversities they’d been through became part of the past. Still, even though Rob was already dominating his powers brightly, they were in danger.

Gregory secretly developed a new plan in his refuge, this time an even more destructive one. The city was empty now, and if he decided to come and start a war, at least nobody would suffer the consequences. Rob remained alert, as he took care of Claire’s cuts. She needed to be safe, and it was time to tell her what to do next.

“Claire, you know you won’t be completely safe here. I’m afraid of what he will try to do this time, maybe he’ll attack you again. But I can’t lose you, you’re the only thing I have now. So, I need you to please come with me to the cemetery and do something for me, it’s for you own good. Let me take you there and keep you safe until it’s all finished,” he looked serious.

“No problem, Rob. I know what you’ve done to save me and I couldn’t thank you enough for it. ‘Course I’m coming with you,” she smiled, though worried, “Just promise me you will destroy that son of Evil until there’s no piece left of him.”

“I did it all because I love you, and I’d do it again if necessary,” he said firmly, “Now let’s get out of here. We’ve got a few things to do.”

Claire gave a last look at the house and followed Rob. It was very windy, but after what they’d faced, nothing would scare them. A few steps later, they arrived at the cemetery. After walking through the main gate, Rob called his mentor, Gaspard.

“Gaspard, come out!”

Claire knew she wouldn’t see him, but still hoped so. When the ghost answered Rob’s call, she didn’t react.

Bad memories they had from that place. Rob recalled the same torturous scene, Claire being captured mysteriously and he kneeling on the ground, devastated. Those moments would not disappear from their mind so easily, even if they tried the hardest.

“Do you have it?” Rob required, as Claire waited, sitting on a little bench behind them, still confused by his brother talking to an invisible figure.

“Yes, I do. It’s here,” the ghost answered, as he withdrew a flask containing a red liquid from his jacket and handed it to Rob. Claire saw it appear out of nowhere and float towards Rob’s hands.

“Seriously?” she thought to herself.

“Great,” Rob said to Gaspard, “Any instructions?”

“She must drink all of it in order to fall asleep. Then she’ll remain, well, “dead” for seven days. You can hide her body wherever you want. Be aware that by the end of the seventh day, if you don’t survive, your sister will certainly die and her soul will be wandering in the darkness forever.”

“We have to take the chance, and I won’t lose,” said Rob, “Thank you Gaspard. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

“This is for your mother, Rob. I couldn’t save her from Hull’s hands, but now that you were chosen to bring the peace back, I’m honored to be part of your mission.”

“You’re a true hero, Gaspard,” said Rob.

“I’m glad to hear that, kid. Don’t forget to come to my house when you’re done with Claire. The box hasn’t opened for you yet.”

Rob had almost forgotten. Gaspard once said that the box would open as soon as Rob finished the training. However, that hadn’t happened yet.

“I promise I’ll be there.”

“I’ll see you, then. I wish you good luck with your sister,” said Gaspard, slowly disappearing as he entered into a dark tunnel next to the cemetery’s yard.

Rob knew Claire was brave after all. He turned to her and explained what they were going to do. Dangerous, but necessary. She took the potion straight away and laid her head on his lap.

“She is braver than I thought,” Rob mouthed. Then they started to talk.

“Do you recall? Ten years ago, we were right there crying as we stared at Mom’s corpse. Just you and me. Her face was pale, her hair lacked color…”

“Yeah, I do. I will never forget that,” Claire replied, and then yawned.

As Gaspard had said, she started to feel overwhelmingly tired and closed her eyes. Then a little rain began to fall upon the siblings, and quick flashes of lightning reflected on the walls and graves.

Then Rob carried Claire to the grave where his mother had been buried, and after casting a spell, he pulled open up the top of it. He was deeply hurting, as the tears poured from his face. A mortal sleep had taken over his sister.

As he finished closing the grave, a loud noise could be heard behind the cemetery’s wall. When he ran to check it out, a few bats flew above him. Then he jumped over to see what was there. Something captured his attention.