The Last Killer of Ghostcity

Chapter Eleven: The Greatest Battle

As Gaspard had said previously (and he was always right), the good witches were camped around the good-witch-Rob-had-met-but-he-didn’t-know-her-name’s cabin, and there was a bunch of them. They were wearing ordinary clothing, which was how they hid their real identity. Some of them were practicing the most different spells and showing them off.

“Welcome back, Rob!” Exclaimed the old woman, “As I promised, here they are. We need to talk about some issues before we leave, alright?”

He nodded yes. Then she introduced him to some of her friends. One by one, Rob saw how meaningful that fight would be to all of them. They had the same goal as his: to reestablish the peace.

“It’s not about being the best. We just want things to be the way they were before that freak took everything these poor people had. Is it too much to ask for?” An old wizard said.

“You’re right, sir, it’s not,” Rob replied.

He raised one hand to draw their attention, and after they shut up, he climbed on a bench next to him and started:

“My friends, firstly, I would like to say thank you all for coming. I’ve been through a long journey ever since I found out who I was. I had to deal with a miserable life, an ever-lasting pain and loss. Ghostcity was meant to be the city which I’d like to spend the rest of my days in, enjoying my life with the people I love. Gregory took everything away from me, but this time I’m not blowing the shot and we’ll bring back what’s been lost at all costs! Let’s take back what’s ours!”

He’d never spoken so loud in his entire life. The crowd applauded him and stood an ovation. Magical fireworks were sent off to celebrate the moment. A few hours later, they followed him to the Bay. It was about five in the evening. Rob could still watch the sea engulfing the sun on the horizon. When a dark point appeared in his view, as the box had shown, the enchanted ship was floating in their direction.

As the minutes passed, the crowed joined before the sea, and the ship started moving faster and faster until they heard Gregory’s dog-like voice:

“Give up, Rob! You have no chances against me! Haha!” He barked, “My army is indestructible!”

Gregory had a nasty appearance. His face was even weirder, almost transfigured. He did not have his eyes anymore, because of the damage the debris had caused to him in his fight against Rob. Instead, a deep and dark hole stared at Rob as he moved forward.

“I will never give up, Hull. I’m here to finish what I started! COME ON, EVERYONE!” Rob shouted from the top of his lungs.

Then all sorts of wizards and other creatures they’d conjured ran to start the battle that would define the future. Good against Evil.

Rob faced many of them, reaching out to the ship by the time a lightning crossed right above his head and lifted onto the vessel, making part of it explode. Gregory screamed like never before. The hole in his face gave an idea to Rob. He guessed: “A blind dead-alive. Oh, shit! It’s better than I thought!” Then he kept flying toward the ship already on fire. Meanwhile, the battle on the beach was intense. The good withces fought bravely, and a plenty of the bad ones were now just corpses floating on the water. The masters of witchcraft destroyed one by one a group of masked men which got in their way and now half of the ship was collapsing over them. But they joined their forces to keep it up in the air until it exploded completely.

Rob landed onto the ship when he saw Gregory in a corner, screaming and casting spells around the remained part of it that still moved towards the beach. He wasn’t able to see Rob when he knocked him down and screamed:

“Hey, Gregory! So, you come to my city, bring these wack “army” with you and try to kill me with this amateur’s magic? SERIOUSLY? I’m disappointed. I expected more from you,” he said, gasping and sweating, his eyes sparked as he stared at the repugnant creature, “Wait a minute,” he paused and approached him, “You can’t see me, huh? HAHAHA!” Rob did an impression of Hull’s laughter. The others on the beach started laughing too, as they watched the scene, “I can even feel the smell of rotting flesh you’ve got, you despisable piece of shit. TIME TO DIE, LOSER!”

This time, he didn’t need to use his magic powers to finish him. He simply pointed the gun to his head and fired it twice. Gregory crumbled to the ship’s floor like a stone. A green liquid leaked from his mouth and gushed out in the water. He was dying, this time there was no turning back. In a blink of an eye, his body became ashes, which drifted through the wind, making up a phantasmagoric figure of his face in the sky.

As the fire consumed the rest of the ship, Rob launched through midair and flew to the beach. The magic crowed was cheering so loud that their voices vibrated the sea’s surface. That night had been such a glorious night. They kept on shouting “ROB! ROB! ROB!” while he took his way to the cemetery (for the thousandth time). He couldn’t wait any longer to see his sister again.

Upon arriving there, he casted a spell to pull the grave’s top and she yawned with the noise, blinking her eyes repetedly until they were fully open.

“You okay?” He asked when she aknowledged that he was there.

“Yeah, I’m good,” she answered, as if she had just woken up from a one-night sleep. “So, that means you made it through the battle, right?” She smiled, then got up from the grave to hug him, still dazed.

“Better yet. I killed Gregory with my own hands,” he couldn’t help his excitement. “Our city is finally free, Claire. No more tragedies, funerals, nor fear. We can have our life back now.”

“Mom would be so proud to see it,” she said, looking at the old picture on the grave.

“She’s looking at us for sure, and all the others whose souls had been taken by, now sent straight to hell, Gregory. They’re going to find the Light, as it has to be, finally. I wish you met Gaspard and Vivian, they’re great. But you can’t see them. I think you’d get along with them. One day you’ll be there, too.”

“Not so early, though,” she yawned, “Now let’s get out of here. I need to take a shower. I wouldn’t recommend anyone spend a night in a grave. That sucks.”

In spite of everything, she kept the same sense of humor. Even if the earth and an asteroid collided, Claire would still make fun of the situation. But that’s what made Rob’s life bearable. He fought bravely to keep this piece of happiness alive. Besides, now that the battle was won, nothing could hold him back.

The sky had never been that beautiful at night. The moonlight reflected on the graves around them, and a shooting star crossed the sky the moment the twins walked through the main gate. It was done. Robert Lancer had defeated the last killer of Ghostcity once and for all.

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