One Rogue Cow & 20 Miles With Punky Brewster

A quick check-in regarding Pelotonia conditioning which will ramp up considerably once classes end in a few weeks (for us…Charlie is always conditioned!). Erin and I snuck in 19.9 miles that balances some country cruising with some decent elevation and one featured climb — a good, challenging climb to us, anyways. Erin dressed as Punky Brewster, featuring her Pelotonia jersey, Georgia Bulldogs racing bibs, and her favorite Vanderkitten riding socks. Enjoy.

Sunday stylin’.

The route is a usual one for when we need to ‘spin the wheels’ a la Ernie Duncan but don’t have too much time, though today involved a bit more excitement than usual. First we saw a flock of turkey vultures — no joke, twenty or so — dining on something not-so-tasty on the side of the road. As we approached, they took flight, as feared. No harm, no fowl (ha!) were killed in this Pelotonia training session…but it was a close one!

Adventure time.

Not long thereafter, we had to slow down and carefully navigate a stretch to avoid a cow. IN THE ROAD. Poor girl had escaped from a local farm and didn’t really want to go home so soon. Her owner was trying to convince her to turn around but to no avail. So, we cruised by Bessie and wished her a happy stroll.

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