Coffeelabs transformed into Midori

Merel Riechelman
Sep 23 · 2 min read

Over half a decade ago, we started Coffeelabs at the entrance to Idealabs, a startup accelerator and co-working space in Antwerp. Even back then, we had this vision of creating a place where all sorts of talent could meet, mingle, and embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.

While we were busy serving delicious food and amazing coffee, in offices all over town, people where having bland lunches in corporate canteens. Between twelve and quarter past one. Yesterday’s leftovers. Industrial feed. Sandwiches the office manager ordered but somehow got wrong. Stale coffee.

At that first Coffeelabs we witnessed that when people come together over great food, magic happens. Today, we make it happen in offices all over town.

In co-workings and corporate offices, we replace the traditional canteen with places that connect people around great food. Places where encounters happen, ideas are had and plans take form. Places that lure people out of their departments or out of their solitary jobs. Places that unite them around incredible food in a wonderful setting.

Since those places are so much more than a coffee corner, the name ‘Coffeelabs’ no longer covers it.

Hence, we’re laying the Coffeelabs name to rest and replace it with the more ambitious: MIDORI.

Midori reinvents the corporate canteen. We connect people around good food and break down silos between departments. Besides, we’ll take it upon ourselves to provide food and drinks that are just right for the occasion. You can have a breakfast meeting or team lunch, celebrate a new contract or a new team member, have a work sprint or launch a product. That way we’ll turn a business moment into play and keep people happy and well-fed with the flavourful nutritious food we’ve become known for. After all, when we eat together, we thrive together.

For all information and details, check out our new website:

Interested in reinventing your corporate canteen or our catering options? Don’t hesitate to ask us for all the possibilities via

Eat together, Thrive together

Merel Riechelman

Written by

Strategic Communicator at Midori — reinventing the corporate canteen.

Eat together, Thrive together

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