Nicolas Verellen
Feb 18 · 1 min read

“My team did ‘horse whispering,’ where you work with horses to learn about effective communication. One of the horses got over-excited, galloped towards us, and nearly trampled one of my co-workers. It was a bonding experience to a certain extent, but only because we all thought we were going to die.”

The true story above might be an outlier, but let’s face it, team building days are broken. They don’t build teams, nobody likes them and, honestly, insult your team’s intelligence.

You don’t build a team by taking out one day to do it. Building a team happens over time. Organically. Through little things.

Just like you don’t become a family by taking your kids to the beach that one day a year. You become a family by sharing little moments all the time. Like dinner. Or lunch.

A family that eats together, stays together.

And a team that eats together, succeeds together.

That’s why Midori reinvented team building. Not some yearly event in Durbuy with a self-declared guru. But a monthly recurring lunch. Where you eat together with your colleagues, take your time to talk, to bond and to enjoy deliciously healthy food.

Interested? Learn more about Midori Potluck

Curious about the opinion of your teammates, why don’t you ask them? Create a handy poll, that will just take up 1 second of their time.

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Eat together, Thrive together

Nicolas Verellen

Written by

Building “monasteries” for focus and deep work. #monkmode

Eat together, Thrive together

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