Art Opportunities on Scavengers

Daryl Anselmo
Apr 6, 2018 · 2 min read
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Earlier this month, we announced Scavengers and couldn’t be more thrilled by the response.

Today, we have an opportunity for a Character Artist to join the Midwinter team here in Seattle on contract between June and December for Scavengers. The ideal candidate will create benchmark quality game character assets, as well as brief, review, and integrate work from our select outsource partners into our UE4 content base.

We’re also interested in speaking with candidates for a possible Summer Art Internship that centers around UI/UX design and VFX integration. If you are a student in the Seattle area, experienced in Cascade and UMG, and looking for some industry experience this summer, reach out and tell us about yourself!

Some things you should know about Midwinter: We are scrappy, small, ambitious. Artists here are responsible for taking a concept from start-to-finish through a complete UE4 pipeline, including high resolution modeling, retop to low poly, baking, LOD’s, material and shader creation, all following style guidelines at quality consistent with peer work. Artists here are expected to be quite technical and broad in skills. We write our own blueprint, make our own prototypes, and optimize and test our work for perf in a production environment.

Artists at Midwinter do our own content integration, keep clean file hierarchies, follow house naming conventions, and are called upon from time to time to plan outsourcing assignments and review incoming work. Everyone here wears a lot of hats, we all pitch-in and contribute in a number of different ways, working together, outside our comfort zones. If this sounds like it’s up your alley, we want to hear from you!

Introduce yourself:

Midwinter Entertainment

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