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— — — — — — — Enter the MightyNet here — — — — — — —

The future is upon us! We’re opening the doors to the MightyNet ecosystem with the one-of-a-kind MightyNet Genesis Pass, minting November 5 2022!

This is the first entry point into the game-focused ecosystem we’re building. The MightyNet Genesis Pass is an exclusive, low supply pass (1,337 supply to be exact) that will come with a host of benefits, including:

  • Access to the first in-game NFT drops
  • Exclusive in-game content
  • Locking rewards for long-term holders.

But why is this so exclusive?

We’re looking for the pioneers and dreamers of this space to form the foundation of our growing community, because we believe this is the next frontier for video games. Community is everything in web3, and has also been everything in games.

Low supply and an application list approach will allow us to curate a highly-engaged community with the vision and vigour needed to build alongside our development team.

MightyNet Genesis Pass Collection

Mint Details

Supply: 1,337
Chain: Ethereum
Mint Price: Free
OpenSea Page:

Mint Phases

  • Phase 1 — Partner Allowlist Mint: November 5, 6pm UTC
  • Phase 2 — General Allowlist Mint: November 6, 6pm UTC
  • Phase 3 — Public Mint: November 9, 6pm UTC

Mint Allocations

  • Partner Allowlist: Not more than total supply
  • General Allowlist: Criteria-based, see below for more info. Only holders or builders who have contributed significantly to the web3 community will be invited to the allowlist. The good news is, you can apply to get on it!
  • Public Mint: Only if there is leftover supply from the allowlist phases

Who’s on the Allowlist?

10k wallets are already on the General Allowlist.

The team took a snapshot on the week of October 10 — October 16, of wallets linked to the following projects and games listed below. The General Allowlist will be over-allocated and is first-come-first-serve, and we are inviting the bluechip NFT and competitive game communities to come and help build our foundations. To find out if you’re already on the General Allowlist, check here.

The Partner Allowlist is a guaranteed mint and will not be over-allocated.

You are on the General Allowlist if you’ve held an NFT from at least 2 of the following collections, for at least 2 months in one wallet:

*As Digidaigaku is a new collection, we are selecting holders who have held an NFT from the collection from September 1st.
**All Renga holders are considered since it is a very new collection!

If you’re a Axie Infinity community member and made our allowlist, we kindly ask you to connect an Ethereum wallet to your Axie Infinity account. We will take another snapshot prior to the mint, so please make sure you add your Ethereum wallet as soon as possible. We wrote a small guide for you here.

The MightyNet is a highly competitive ecosystem and we also want to invite the best web3 esports players out there. Players from these games have been awarded General Allowlist slots, with the best players granted Partner Allowlist spots.

Finally, if you’re on the existing MightyList for the Big Bear Syndicate mint, you’re automatically added to the General Allowlist. We’ll be sharing a Premint link in the Discord to collect every MightyList hero’s wallet.

The team will continue to partner with guilds, esports and gaming communities to add wallets to the General Allowlist if we deem them to be active and engaged with web3 games.

If you’re not on the allowlist and want to mint the MightyNet Genesis Pass, you can apply here.

Ecosystem Benefits

But wait, why mint a pass at all?

The MightyNet is building towards being one of the foremost game ecosystems developed for the web3 sphere. The MightyNet Genesis Pass isn’t just what the web2 world would call a battlepass or season pass. It’s more than that. Here’s a snapshot of some of the utility you’re getting.

Early access to all MightyNet games

As a Genesis Pass holder, you’ll will be guaranteed early access to Mighty Action Heroes and all future games. You’ll also be among the first to check out new features and content, get sneak peaks, and get dibs on the first batch of NFT drops when the games launch.

Locking Benefits

As a Genesis Pass holder, you’ll be able to lock your pass to unlock rewards, like Supply Crates for Mighty Action Heroes. As we roll out more NFT collections and games, these NFTs can also be locked for rewards. Be amongst the first to start collecting points and start earning MightyNet rewards!

Ecosystem benefits

The Genesis Pass unlocks top-tier access to the MightyNet ecosystem. Holders will be able to access private Discord channels, get premium customer support and get automatically allowlisted for upcoming MightyNet collections and games. There will also be exclusive in-game benefits like cosmetics, with more benefits rolling out in the future.

— — — — — — — Enter the MightyNet here — — — — — — —

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What if I want to mint from a different wallet? The allowed wallet is my vault wallet.

If you are on the allowlist, congratulations! Your wallet has already been whitelisted and you’ll be able to mint 1 Genesis Pass on mint day.

We are aware that not everyone will want to mint from their main wallet. If you want to use a different wallet to mint, head on over to and into the #verify-wallet-gp channel to verify your wallet on

Once you’re verified, you should have the Commander role on Discord. This will unlock a holder-exclusive channel. You can then open a ticket to contact our mods for the wallet swap form. This form will request that you verify your own wallet by adding a randomised string to your OpenSea profile. Once you go through the process with a mod and your ticket is closed, check back on the allowlist doc in a few days to see your new wallet address!

Note that doing this will replace your existing wallet on the allowlist, so please ensure that you choose the right wallet that you want to mint with.

What if I don’t have an Ethereum wallet added to my Axie Infinity account?

You can follow our simple guide to adding Metamask to your Axie Infinity account here.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ on or join to get help from our friendly mod team.

Official Links

General Allowlist: Spreadsheet
Twitter (info):
Twitter (allowlist confirmation):



Mighty Action Heroes is a realtime multiplayer third-person web3 battle royale with an emphasis on fun, skill, and chaos, coming soon! Developed by Mighty Bear Games.

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