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Letter sent on Jun 29, 2015

Mighty Things Week In Review 6/28

With so much going on in mobile, wearable tech and the Internet of Things, it is easy to miss some of the happenings in the connected world. Here are our picks for the best stories of the week:


MIT Technology Review published its annual search for the smartest companies reshaping the technology business in 2015. From massive solar panel factories to friendly robots, meet the 50 smartest companies. Link

The C-suite needs a Chief Entrepreneur, someone who can lead the future of the company while the CEO takes cares of running the existing business. Link


You no longer need a Facebook account to use Messenger. You can use your phone number instead. Link

This simple app could help California farmers save an incredible amount of water. Link

Wearable Tech

Who will win the battle for your wrist? Smartwatches or fitness trackers? They are in many ways very similar, but the markets for those two categories of wearables are fundamentally different. Link

Google has built a new health wearable that can measure the wearer’s pulse, heartbeat rhythm, and skin temperature, as well as things like light exposure and noise levels. Link

Apple Watch app uses the Internet of Things and machine learning to reduce risk of sexual attacks. Link

Smart bikini tells you when to reapply more sunscreen. Link

Internet of Things

Why is Ford partnering with a hot 3D printing startup? The over 100-year old auto giant is turning to a newly launched Silicon Valley startup to develop technology to produce customized car parts much faster than what’s currently available. Link

The Internet of Things is going to change retirement. For those providing care to an older loved one, the services enabled by the Internet of Things will provide additional eyes, ears, and even a helping hand to stressed family caregivers. Link

Amazon is doubling down on Alexa, the brain behind Amazon Echo, a new category of device designed around your voice: $100m investment fund. Link

Robot agents will spare you from airport customs checks. Link

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