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Letter sent on Jul 27, 2016

Mighty Weekly No. 35

Hi there,

Once upon a time, a missionary founder came up with a simple plan to save our planet and our wallet… Discover Elon Musk’s master plan, part two for Tesla. Also, read about how augmented reality is coming to shopping, how autonomous driving is helping the U.S. swimming team, and the future of “Made In China”.


Magic Leap AR Shopping

While prior Magic Leap videos have focused on entertainment and productivity use-cases, a new video’s concept from the ultra secretive startup involved a pregnant mother shopping for new items in her baby room. Link

Immersion Rising

If you ponder the “immersion” potential for a moment, the possibilities of augmented and alternative realities stretch way beyond Pokémon. Link

VR For Olympic Training

Engineers at BAE Systems have started working with Olympic and Paralympic athletes to better their game thanks to virtual reality. Similar to how a system like STRIVR operates within NFL and college football, the new technology, VR-Vantage, works to give athletes extra run throughs of the courses and environments where they will be competing. Link


Robot Nurse

Optimizing the scheduling of beds and nurses in a busy labor ward is difficult, stressful work. Fortunately, researchers have trained a robot to help out. Link

The Future of “Made In China”

Increasingly, “Made in China” means made by robots. As supply of cheap labor shrinks and population ages, China is increasingly turning to automation. For the past three years, China has been on a shopping spree, becoming the biggest buyer of industrial robots in the world. Link


The Future With Self-Driving Cars

Within ten years, roads will be full of driverless cars. Maybe within two, depending on where you’re driving. That’s what Chris Dixon, a partner at prestigious Silicon Valley investment firm Andreessen Horowitz believes. Link

Master Plan, Part Deux

Elon Musk published his “master plan, part two” for Tesla: solar roofs, two commercial vehicles, full autonomy, and fully on-demand. Tesla vs. Uber is officially here. Link

BMW In The Pool

BMW might have found a low-risk way to test its autonomous driving systems: the swimming pool. Technology is changing the face of the Olympics, as LED motion trackers aid the U.S. swimming team. Link

Enjoy the summer and be mighty!

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