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Letter sent on Aug 15, 2016

Mighty Weekly No. 37

Hey folks,

Think drones delivery or virtual reality are gimmicks? Think again. Drones could actually unlock a new autonomous future for Amazon, while virtual reality just helped eight paralyzed people feel their legs. Also, in this week’s issue, read about the Olympics embracing virtual reality, how IoT makes food consumption safer and what XIA is.

Have a mighty week, and see you next Sunday!


VR Olympics

With the Olympics embracing virtual reality, it’s clear even to a slow adopter that we’ve reached a turning point. Link

VR Against Paralysis

The promise of virtual reality can be much more than just games. The proof: VR helped eight people with complete paralysis regain some feeling and control of muscles over the course of a year. Link

Best of VRLA 2016

VRLA, the world’s biggest VR convention in Los Angeles, was closer to a theme park this year than a trade show. Link


House-Cleaning Robots

The good news: work on house-cleaning robots is underway. The bad news: it’s slow going. Link


Teaching Robots Real Empathy

Koko is one of the most fascinating and innovative companies in NYC. This MIT-born machine learning startup just got a cash injection to teach Alexa, Siri and Cortona some fundamental human decency. Link

Explainable AI (XAI)

The Pentagon wants to incorporate artificial intelligence into more systems but first needs to ensure its employees fully understand what drives AI. In other words, DARPA wants artificial intelligence to explain itself. Link


From Crops To Customer

Big data and the Internet of Things make food consumption safer. Link

Amazon’s Drones Delivery

Amazon’s long-term goal is potentially transformative. It wants to escape the messy vicissitudes of roads and humans. It wants to go fully autonomous, up in the sky. Drones could be combined with warehouses manned by robots and trucks that drive themselves to unlock a new autonomous future for Amazon. Link

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